Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept.  Go on one of the many sites and you’ll see people asking for money to pay for medical expenses, helping a friend or family member who’s found themselves in a tight spot, paying for their education – and people who want to travel. I’m a believer in that people can spend their money on whatever they want, they’ve earned it, it’s their right. So if you want to drop $500 on a new purse instead of a local charity – totally your prerogative. That’s also why I don’t find asking strangers for money for something ‘frivolous’ like travelling , is a terrible thing to do. If they want to and they can, then that’s great! The thing is – if you never ask for something, you’ll never get it. Most of the people I’ve seen on the sites are younger and are looking to go on their first big trip. Some of them just want to get home for Christmas.
Last week just for the heck of it, I signed up and asked for donations to put toward my *hopeful* trip to Switzerland next  year. So far I’ve had no luck but it was worth a shot! Maybe someone will take pity on my and throw a hundred bucks my way haha.
How do you feel about having strangers help pay for your travel expenses? Have you done it or would you try it? Let me know!
In the meantime, if you’d like to help a girl out – here’s my link 😀