I’m currently in self imposed exile.
We are leaving in a couple hours. Everyone is down at the pool and I’m on my patio. It’s an absolutely stunning, sunny day here but I got a few more red marks yesterday. I won’t say I’m sunburnt, i just have a few red spots/lines that either got missed by sunscreen or rubbed ect. So as much as I’d love to be at the pool – this is why I came – I don’t want to have to deal with the sunscreen process and then having to have a super fast shower and run across the resort to catch the bus. The skin on my face is quietly thanking me I’m sure.

I did go down to the beach for a bit. Correction, that’s why I came. I walked along the edge of the water and got my feel and legs wet. I had to pull myself away knowing if I stayed any longer my skin would start to get crispy.

So now I’m sitting here having a beer, this time tomorrow beers before lunch will be frowned upon.

I’m not looking forward to putting pants and stuff on to go to the airport, or the drive to the airport or the wait there or really even the flight but I am looking forward to going home. Actually a little bit anxious. I haven’t turned my phone on for a week and I’m terrified about what might be waiting when I do. I’m probably over thinking it, I’ll probably just have 800 work emails and a text from a friend who forgot I went away. But this one time I went away – 12 coworkers got fired. So that always plays on my mind. Geez I think I need another beer.


The parting shot



So bit of an adventure on the way to the airport . Our bus was super late picking us up but it finally showed up. Turned out they broke down and had to wait for a replacement but made sure we’d make it to the airport on time. We just pull away from the resort and some guy who had been on the bus for a while I assume starts yelling about carrying on about how we need to hurry up and was being so rude to the driver and the hostess. He was just loaded. And that continued all the way to Varadero – when we had to pullover at a gas station for him. Some guy that wasn’t even traveling go with him had to get off the bus with him and help him. You’d think after that he’d stop. But he didn’t. I was pretty sure they weren’t going to let him on the plane. There was some guy behind me too who was upset with a tour guide they had earlier the week and had some things to say about her. I turned around in my seat and gave him a look. He stopped talking.

Anyway, get to the airport and no sign of drunky. Standing in line and I heard someone talking really loudly but didn’t think much of it. I look over and there is an older couple (probably mid to late 50’s) talking with an airport official. They’re both holding beers. I did my best to heard what was going on and quickly learned the couple was drunk and airline staff though their behavior was unacceptable. The man was so mad at the airport guy and was all up in his face. Airport guy told him they need to go outside and get some fresh air and maybe some water and that once the rest of us were processed, they’d consider letting them back in.   The couple, not satisfied with this, started talking to another airport person. Eventually they went outside. Fast forward and they did let them back in. But how embarrassing! You’re adults! I know you’re on vacation but standing in line at the airport drinking beer…and then getting up in the face of airport staff? What is wrong with you? Anyway, I finally got through security and who do I see? Drunky sitting in the airport lounge drinking! How he got in and was allowed to keep drinking…. He was a couple people in front of me when we boarded and I told the stewardess that he was drunk, she said thanks and then went and told the other staff. He ended up sitting next to this young couple I recognized from our Havana tour. And he was a big guy, I felt bad for them. He asked where they were from and when they answered, he replied with ‘oh, sorry to hear that.’ And that was that. I’ll check in later with a trip wrap up!