I’m happy we’re going home tomorrow. Strange right? I’m just tired of a bunch of stuff. The rude, pushy, loud Russian tourists. Seriously – do they ever just shut up? On the beach they’re screaming at each other or singing, at the buffet they’re talking loud enough for everyone to hear and push you or butt in front of you in line.
I’m tired of feeling damp while I’m sleeping on my hard bed.
I’m tired of being hungry (save for my lobster load up).
Tired of waiting around for people. If you’ve read any of my past posts you know, this is why I like travelling alone most of the time because it’s just me and my schedule.
And I’m a little bit tired of all the sunscreen. I’ve said it before, I love the hot, sunny weather but I can only take so much.

Today was another hot and sunny day and everyone wanted to sit outside at the pool again. I was in a bad mood quite literally since I got up. I don’t know what it was. Maybe just the combination of all of the above.

It was great out there today but I just sorta sat there being grumpy. I found some trees that offered a bit of salvation but my face got crispy pretty early on.

I had enough so I went and had lunch at beach grill. First time going there and it kinda sucked. Happy cat was there but so where about a million birds that kept swopping at me and landing on my extra chair. Not cool. Oh and being pushed my a Russian lady in line.

I went back to the pool for a bit and went in the water but I was bored and so very, very tired of the sunscreen reapplying.

So I just came back to the room and had a shower and packed my suitcase.


Towel creature and a note from my maid! 

My aunt and I went into Varadero before dinner. We wanted to try and find a spot to watch the sunset in town and then do some last minute shopping because we hadn’t really found anything throughout the week.
We never did end up getting to see the sunset so that was once again disappointing. We did go though a few markets. It was the same as the stuff we had seen earlier in the week but we ended up finding a few things to buy for ourselves and for other people. We came back to the resort and had dinner. No lobster guy tonight 😦


The entertainment was a ‘water ballet’ – so sorta like synchronized swimming. They had some amazing singers too. It was pretty much the only entertainment I actually sat down to watch all week. I got cold though from being in the sun all day and then there was a cool breeze sitting by the pool so I was kinda happy when it was done because I just wanted to go back to my room and warm up and go to bed. Home time tomorrow.