Hey lady, you wanna buy, hey lady, you want your hair braided, hey lady, you have money, hey lady, you want drink, hey lady, you wanna skydive? hey lady, where you from?

I think my new name is hey lady.

Didn’t do much last night. Went for dinner once again in the buffet and I was so happy – they had a man grilling fresh lobster with salt and butter and it was SO GOOD! I must have eaten like 3 tails worth. I was in heaven. SO GOOD! I hope he’s there every day now until we leave.

Today we did not do anything. Literally. I got up and went to the buffet for breakfast again. And then the old routine of going back to my room, getting all sun screened up and then headed to the pool. It was slightly cloudy – then in rained so we went and sat in the lobby bar for a bit. Then back to the pool.


Then I headed back to get a shower and head down to the beach. Every Friday night there is a sunset beach party. I went down there by myself. There was a fire dancer but that was about it. And I couldn’t see the sunset, it was sorta on the other side of the buildings. That was disappointing but the sky still looked nice. I waited for a while but nothing else was going on. I ended up talking to a very handsome lifeguard who says they weren’t having the party but didn’t say why. I was looking forward to it 😦

I headed back up and met up with the family at the Japanese restaurant in time for dinner. Food was good – except some of it was salmon, which I’m allergic too. Major bummer. And our cook and waiter were super entertaining. Our cook was telling us that his nephew is in jail cause he didn’t want to do the mandatory army service that’s required here in Cuba.

After dinner – we once again headed to the courtyard. But this time, I made my own fun. A Cuban and a Pina Colada. When in Cuba eh?


Eesh certainly not the most flattering photo…


Oh and look! My maid left me a heart and a little  souvenir!