So after dinner last night we sat around in the court yard for a bit. It’s quite boring just sitting around to be honest. There was some music but nothing too exciting.

I came back to the room and watched an old episode of ER and went to bed. I had a bit of tummy trouble, nothing too serious but it’s never fun. Luckily it went away after a while and I was able to get some sleep. Still found it noisy though. It not just people in the room next door, it’s creaks and cracks and the fridge, the wooden doors that need to be slammed shut ect.

Today I woke up and it was bight and sunny and exciting.

After a less and ideal breakfast (I still can’t get behind the food here) we set off for Varadaro. We went to the flea market and a couple malls. It wasn’t really worth it. It was cool being driven around in the old Chevy but it was just a bunch of crap (and I do mean that in a nice way, maybe I should say tack? Some people put a lot of time and effort in to some of those goods so I’m not discounting that – but how many fridge magents and t-shirts does one need?) and women asking if I want my hair braided. I did buy a necklace for my mom (might keep it hah)

So I still need something for my dad, brother and maybe some friends. I plan on doing my Christmas shopping here. I just realized too that I didn’t take any pictures in town and now I’m a bit disappointed 😦

We came back and had lunch and then I headed to the beach. It had clouded over a bit but wasn’t bad. I fell asleep for a bit on my chair – my own snoring woke me up. There were these really annoying French people were so loud. They were playing with some ball thing that made a buzzing noise in the air. The one guy couldn’t catch a cold if you sneezed on him. The only thing worse was the LOUD Russians.

I went in the water for a bit. It was different today, lots of sediment and shells and sea weed washing up. I wonder what causes such a change from one day to another? I collected some cool shells, not too sure what I’ll do with them yet but I’ll find something.



We watched skydivers land on the beach. They asked if I wanted to try it and I said no. Then it was time to head back to the rest of the gang who were over at the pool.


Pool at Paradisus Princesa del Mar

We wanted to go back to our rooms for a bit before dinner and on our way we ran into our friend Mr. Happy. Well my aunt saved him some good from the buffet the day before and had it in her room. So, she (we) coaxed him to follow us and he did just that. And guess whose room he decided he wanted to stay in?


My new friend Mr. Happy

Yup, mine. We’re pals. He ate his stolen food on the patio and then had a short bath while I showered and took a bit of a nap while I got ready for dinner. He didn’t really want to leave when I was ready to go. He seemed quite at home and happy on my bed. Poor dude. We got him to go though and he went his way and we went ours.

Off we went for dinner – though I do find it odd that the buffet doesnt open until 7pm for dinner. That seems kinda late, no? We have sat at the same table since we’ve been here and have two really great ladies taking care of us. We once again just sat around for a bit in the courtyard area. Not sure what the entertainment is tonight. Anyway, off to bed, have to get up early for Havana!

Oh yah, look at my blanket animal!


Pillow person!