I feel so gross.

So last night after I typed away, I actually ended up watching the Michael Buble Christmas special. It was great having a bit of home, though I don’t know why I’m so home sick. This is supposed to come at the end of the trip, not the start!

My aunt came and knocked on my door a bit after that to say my uncle sat down on their bed and broke it and they were being moved to another building.

I eventually fell asleep. Woke up to the sound of the pouring rain. Great. Thankfully by the time I actually go up it had stopped. I took myself to breakfast. It was ok. I’m a big eater and I love food but was again underwhelmed by what I had. There was a cute little cat that came and joined me on the patio – looking for breakfast I supposed.

After breakfast I stopped and got a mojito and walked to the beach and it was exactly what I needed. This is why I came. Beeaach. I felt like literally running into the water but that’d be weird and I had a dress on.


I went back to my room to put on my swimmers and then headed back to the beach. I sat there for a bit, met up with the family, went swimming in the ocean. First time I’ve been swimming in the ocean since Australia, no sharks this time! Had my Ursula Andress moment, no conch though – wish I had a photo of me walking out of the water with my salty hair. Eventually it started to get cold – it was still cloudy from the morning rain – so I walked back to the resort area and met up with the family. We sat around the pool for the rest of the day and drank, which is why I feel gross. I wasn’t super drunk but I was a bit buzzed and like I said, hungry. I’ve sobered up now but I just feel gross. Anyway, we ended up on a cabana and who joined us? A resort kitty. I love cats, made me a bit less homesick for mine, we had a nap together haha.

Now I’m in the lobby bar. That made me sad. I still feel like barfing, I ordered the closest thing to ginger ale they have and a water. Maybe I just need that wall of bread from the buffet. Can you imagine if it had been hot or if I had really, really drank? I hope this passes. Might not check in until tomorrow now. Meeting the fam here before dinner at the buffet. Might go to Varadaro tomorrow and then we’re booked for a trip to Havana on Thursday.