People warned me that things move a little slower in Cuba then in the ‘real world’ but I was not expecting this.

Let’s go back to this AM. To be honest, this was probably the least excited I’ve ever been for a holiday. I desperately need a break. But between guilt over leaving my cat all alone for the first time ever, guilt over the money, a little seasonal depression /anxiety – I was less than thrilled. I actually started to cry at home this morning, how lame! Especially for someone who normally loves to travel. This is another new country on my list and some place I did want to go.

Anyway, the flight wasn’t too bad. It always amazes me how awful people are and how some just have no clue how to behave in public/on a plane. Keep your clothes, on cover your mouth when you cough, use your inside voice – all that jazz. We flew Air Transat. The plane was older, kinda dirty and no individuals TV’s, which I find to be odd these days but you can download their app to use on your tablet. I just ended up spending most of my time looking out the window.

We got to Varadero and that’s when the slowness started. It took ages to get through customs – aagggess – it was painful. And of course, all those people going through customs had to get money then too – and that was also another long line.

We finally got on the shuttle to head to the resorts, which would another long journey. But I’ll say, at least the bus ride entertained me. I knew things here were different, I mean the airport is surrounded by an old wooden fence. It’s a fairly rural drive for the first bit but It was nice to see all the green and some of the houses that are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Going through actual Varedaro was cool, more neat houses and architecture, lots of colour and of course, the cars! I’m looking forward to exploring there.

We finally got to the resort the Paradisus Princesa del Mar but there was more waiting. They took our passports and told us to wait. And wait we did. I don’t understand why this very long process took place. I’m traveling with my aunt, uncle and grandparents. They’ve all done this kinda vacation before they say they’ve never done something like this done. Usually check-in/rooms and that sorta stuff is settled on the bus. We fiiinnally got our passports and keys to our rooms. We all loaded up on a golf cart and off we went to our building – which was pitch black. There was no power outside or in the hallways of the building. So there we are, walking in the pitch black trying to find our rooms. It was terrifying and I was not impressed.

The room is ok, two beds pushed together to make a bigger one. I checked for bed bugs, one looked in a bit better shape than the other so I’m sleeping on that one. I don’t think there is actual bed bugs, I’m sure I would have seen more evidence but it’s always a concern. There is a canopy over the bed but it’s kinda dirty and falling down. The bed has a waterproof cover on it, reminds me of the plastic bed I slept on in the dorm my first year at college. Good size room though and a nice big patio – looking forward to seeing the view in the day time. The walls are quite thin though, I can hear other people in other rooms.

After another scary we walk in the dark – we went to the buffet for dinner. This was also something I was warned about, the food. Was it great, no. There is lots of food but not much that I’m too interested in and what is there, sorta all tasted odd. There is a whole wall of different breads to pick from which might be a saving grace. I’m hungry.

After that we tried to find the evening entertainment. We did, kinda. There was brass band and they were good, there was supposed to be some other stuff but we couldn’t really find it. I don’t think much could have entertained me anyway. I’m tired and sticky and bored and still in an off mindset. I’ve got six days to perk up!

I’m hoping tomorrow being a full day, I’ll enjoy myself. I want sunshine and a beach. Right now I’m in bed, watching a U2 concert on tv .

So – day one, long, slow, sticky, my hair is starting to look like Monica’s on that episode of Friends when they go to the Caribbean, it will only get worse too. Oh I do love, love the warm and humidity so don’t get me wrong! Looking forward to what day 2 brings, I think.