Morning everyone!

The countdown is on until my Cuban adventure, thanks to everyone who sent me ideas. We’ve actually changed our location and are going to Varedaro instead. We’re supposed to be staying at the Ocean Vista Azul, though they’re just in their soft opening phase and I’m a bit nervous about that. No wifi, how ever will I keep you guys up to date?! Haha

Anyway, just wanted to share a quick something and see your thoughts. In light of recent world events, have you rethought your travel plans? I’ve been to Paris a few times and wouldn’t hesitate too much to go back. I don’t know of any place in sort of the ‘western world’ so to speak that I wouldn’t go because of the terrorists threat. Could something happen? Sure but I can’t let that stop me from doing what I want. I mean, something could happen to me right here at home, right? I’ve seen that some school groups are canceling their international trips and some people canceling vacations because of different risk factors. But what is your take? Will you let the possibility of something happening, stop you from traveling?