My grovelling apologies for being away for so long. It was a busy last few weeks of the summer and start of to the fall! I did manage a short road trip out to the middle of nowhere. Literally. It was a farm on the corner of two dirt roads. All around us were nothing but golden rolling fields and trees. It was stunning. I found myself so busy looking at my beautiful surroundings as I was driving, I’d look down and realize I was going like 10 km below the speed limit! Thankfully there were very few other cars on the road. I think Autumn is the perfect time of year for a rural road trip. The sights, colours, smells… it was just what I needed. Did any of you manage to get away? Or do you have something fun coming up for a Autumn break?

Speaking of planning – I need YOUR help in planning my next big adventure. I’m hoping that around this time next year I’ll be headed to Switzerland. I’ve never been but have always wanted to go and I feel like ‘now’ is the perfect time. So now I need all of you who have been to the land of cheese, chocolate and clocks to help a girl out. What do I need to see? I’m thinking I’ll do a couple days in Geneva, a couple in Zurich and maybe a couple days in Gstaad. What about Lucerne, Bern, Lausanne (I am a fan of the Olympics) or Interlaken? What has been your experience and what do you like about Switzerland. Any tips or tricks?
Like I said, I do plan to go around this time next year. Actually probably toward the end of October as I plan to take in Remembrance Day ceremonies at Vimy Ridge in France – for those of you that don’t mark this particular day – it’s November 11th. Has anyone been there in the Autumn? Do you prefer Switzerland in the summer better? I would like to try and avoid the big crowds of summer tourists, that’s why I think October might work better.

I could also use your thoughts on AirBNB. Given that Switzerland is quite expensive, I was looking at this as an option while I’m there. I’m always a little leery of staying in a strangers home. All the more so when I’m a single female in a foreign country. Any experiences there?

Thanks in advance to anyone/everyone who sends me their advice!