I’ve posted a few things about air travel in the past but I saw this article today and had to pass it on.

Etihad unveils The Residence, luxurious first class travel experience, on-board its A380s

This really does take the cake when it comes to luxury. I would love to fly like this – especially on long haul flights. We’ve all been there, stuck on a plane for what seems like days, unable to move properly, sleep properly and by the end of it all you just want to scream because you’re so uncomfortable and tired. I wonder if we will see this trend continue. If you think back to the early days of commercial flying, that in itself was considered luxurious. So one day, will this become the norm? Will we all have our own little pods? In a time when many American airline companies are doing their best to make flying more and more uncomfortable, does Etihad have the right idea? I can only assume if this trend was to catch on with more airlines and on more flight routes, the cost would go down so it’s fair to think that down the road, this could be a more feasible option for some. Maybe I’m just being hopeful – but who knows. How much are you willing to pay to have a comfortable flight?

Switching gears now – starting next week I’m going to be posting a short series of ‘Places you should visit’ that will highlight places in and around me that I like to visit & have some great things going on this summer. So if you haven’t made any plans yet and are looking for some fun ideas, stay tuned!