Hi all!

Sorry I’ve been away so much lately, it’s been really busy the past few weeks and haven’t had much time to write a post. I promise I’ll soon have a very exciting guest blog from my best friend who just came back from India.

I wanted to pass this article on that a friend shared with me, an especially good read if you’re a nervous flyer. Here is the link to the News.com.au article.

I’m happy to say I’m good with air planes. My friend who sent me this link is a pilot for a major airline and actually used to be my pilot. Yes, I once had a very cool job that required me to have my very own pilot. That experience also helped me get over an anxieties about flying.  One time we were flying along and the door popped open. Pilot boy simply reached over and closed it, as I sat open mouth staring at the ground far below. Another time we lost engine power and I slowly watched the propeller move slower and us start to get closer to the ground. We recovered – thank goodness – and that’s when I realized I could trust pilot boy with my life.

I do have a few superstitions when it comes to flying thought. One, I can’t walk under the wing… it’s a long story but it comes from when I was flying for work. The other, when I’m stepping on the plane I have to give the fuselage a bit of a pat and then I’m good. Strange I know.

The first time I flew to England I did have a bit of an issue with flying over the ocean. I mean, if shit goes south… where are you going to land!? I remember hitting a very rough patch of turbulence and thinking ‘well this is it, we’re all going to die in the ocean.’ But really, I’m good when it comes to flying. I love flying. I miss flying every day.

Do any of you have interesting flying stories? Or maybe flying superstitions?


Me and my plane

Me and my plane