I woke up just after 9 and much to my surprise, felt fantastic albeit extremely hungry. I didn’t want to take my chances downstairs in one of the restaurants so I ordered some room service toast – do you know how much toast costs?! Ridiculous! Much to my delight, room service also carried Powerade.  It was one of my most expensive room service meals ever. Toast and Powerade. I took the mini jam as compensation. 

The newbies were already on their way home but the rest of us had all day to do whatever before heading to the airport in the evening. While two of our six decided to spend the day in their room – party poopers – the rest of us set out to enjoy our last day. We sat around the casino in Aria for awhile. I reluctantly took out a bit more cash from the machine but I did get a free piece of pizza at  5/50. If you like gourmet style pizza, this is the place to go. They offer a couple different flavours and they are big slices. Cooked in authentic open face, wood stove. And you really can’t beat the price – even if I hadn’t had my free coupon, I would have been willing to spend money in there.

After deciding we had given Aria enough of our money, we walked next door to the Cosmopolitan. On our last day, last year we were in this casino and were playing a group game. We were doing so well and winning so much – we almost missed our flight! Anyway, we didn’t have quite as much luck this time but we did have some fun. I was at one machine, complaining how stupid it was and I don’t want to play any more. That’s when the entire screen went to the ‘wild’ icons. I was happy after that.

The waitress brought me a hot chocolate because she said I looked so cold. It was delicious. Who knew a Las Vegas casino would have such good hot chocolate? I watched a wedding party gather in one of the lounges. All the men were in kilts, it was fun.  Two of us went off to find a quick something to eat – my ‘partner in crime’ nearly fell over when she was charged $13 for a coffee and a muffin.  It was kind of a casual, lazy day. Although it would have been nice to be outside a bit more – just not at the pool. In typical fashion, the weather was the nicest it had been the day we were leaving.

Next thing we knew, it was time to leave. The six of us – some whom were no longer speaking to others – loaded in to two cabs off to the airport. It was time to leave. I knew the trip would end this way. 

At the airport we all indulged in some greasy Carl’s Jr., another Las Vegas tradition. We did a little duty free shopping and grabbed a few plane snacks and loaded ourselves on to the plane. I wanted to punch the man in front of us in the head. He was so loud and rude! I’ve never, ever heard a man speak to his wife that way. It was appalling. But I snuggled myself into my chair and watched a movie, the flight was quick and uneventful, it was good to back home. 

Not gonna lie, really didn’t have that much fun. It was ok but nothing particularly great. Oh well, there’s always next year.