I met the newbies down at the buffet bright and early. The buffet at Aria is really nice, it has everything you could possibly want but isn’t really spread out like some of the others. I remember being in a buffet last year and just couldn’t be bothered to walk from one side to the other, it was just too big.  This one is a much nicer size. The food was great too but I didn’t quite understand why there were bottles of soy sauce on the tables. They looked like bottles of syrup and a lot of people thought that’s what they were, I noticed quite a few]people eating salty waffles for breakfast. I knew this was the only meal I was going to eat all day until dinner, I was SO excited to go to the Mexican restaurant in Planet Hollywood and enjoy some fantastic tacos and salsa!

We grabbed a cab over to Fashion Show Mall. It wasn’t quite as good as I remembered and one of the stores I went for specifically wasn’t even there any more despite it being listed on their website. It took me about an hour to wheel around the mall and then I waited for the other two. I think they bought something in just about every store! We walked over the the Mirage because other than the restaurant and theatre from the other night, they hadn’t really seen it. We then went our separate ways, them to do some more sightseeing and shopping, me back to Aria to take advantage of the super stunning day.

My first stop was at Julian Serrano in Aria – I had a coupon for some sangria and was running out of time to use it. There were three options to pick from so the bartender gave me a small glass of each so I could decide. I picked the sparkling version, it was so good! The menu also looked quite good and I could have stayed for another drink but why pay ten bucks for one  when I can go to CVS and get a beer for a dollar? So that’s just what I did. As I walked back to the hotel with my tall boy of Coors Light, I was happy. I was alone and enjoying myself and it was a hot, sunny day.

A quick change in to my pool attire and I was on my way, beer still in hand. When I got to the pool I was given a ‘pass’ in to the Liquid Day Lounge, the adult pool. Perfect. Today there will be no screaming kids. The man checking key cards at the front handed me a plastic glass for my beer and then made some joke about Canadians and beer. I laughed and went on my merry little way. When I got to the entrance of Liquid, I had to get rid of my beer. So I gulped the rest down and threw the cup out. Then they took my water, claiming they had free water inside. THEN they told me despite my pass it was a $50 food and drink minimum. I recall having a brief moment of thinking to myself, forget this I’m just going to sit in the regular area. Looking back now, probably should have listened to that voice. Always listen to the voice.  I was given a bed beside the pool and ordered a jug of sangria. I quickly made friends with the Brits beside me and some Canadians in the pool. We were having a grand ol’ time, laughing, playing volley ball and taking pictures. I laid in the hot sun, thinking that this was the life, it really doesn’t get much better than this.  I recall being in the pool… and then in the bathroom. And then some lady asking if I was ok and then having to sign off on my bill. Lets just say I was then helped back to my room and spent the next little while on the floor. I could hear someone knocking but I couldn’t get up. Then I heard the gang come in and start yelling.  They were none-too-happy with my little afternoon pool party and I don’t blame them, what I did was dumb but I really didn’t need to be yelled at.  I think it was just a little too much, too fast and too much sun.

I was eventually put in to bed where I was told to ‘stay’. Where the hell was I going to go? I couldn’t stand up. They all went out to enjoy that fantastic Mexican restaurant I had been craving since I ate there last year. Someone came and checked on me and I cried haha. I’m not a lightweight by any stretch of the imagination, ask my friends, but I felt so bad that it happened and was so upset that everyone was angry with me. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. Oh and there is no ‘free’ water in Liquid. Upon checking my bill when I sobered up – it was ten dollars.