So the party people didn’t get back in until 3:30. That left me the only one awake at a ‘normal’ time. I went down to the cafe in Aria for breakfast – some eggs, bacon, hash-browns and a lovely breakfast mimosa. It was $40 for just little ol’ me! I mean $5 for a cup of tea? Did they go out and pick the leaves themselves. Knowing that the rest of the gang would still be awhile I sat around in the casino for awhile and then went upstairs to see if anyone was awake. No such luck. So I went down to the pool and sat in the hot tub for a bit and then laid on a lounger. It was a great morning, really warm and sunny, hardly anyone there. But I left my sunscreen up in the room so I wasn’t able to stay down there for too long. Baaack up at the room, again no one is up yet. I finally wrangled my mother up and we went back down to the pool. It had kind of clouded over at this point but it was still warm. Please explain to be though, why would you bring your small child to Vegas and then proceed to give them swimming lessons in the pool? I wanted to relax and enjoy myself, not listen to screaming kids. Then on the other side, a very loud group of older adults indulging in their buckets of beer. I could honestly tell you everything they said because they needed to shout it at each other. It was so annoying. I managed to crank my iPod up just loud enough that I could drown them out a bit and still manage to fall asleep for a bit.

After my poolside nap it was time to go get ready for our second night out. This time we were headed to old Las Vegas and Fremont Street. We warned the newbies that if they thought there were some odd people on the strip, they’d be in for a bigger shock tonight. We had dinner at Grotto in the Golden Nugget. If you like Italian food, this place is a must. The food is outstanding, from appetizers to dessert. There wasn’t a plate on the table that had food left on it at the end of the meal. I had fettuccine with garlic and butter and prawns. You really can’t go wrong. Oh and the crusty bread on the table with the seasoned olive oil for dipping. It was hard not to fill up on that before our food even came out. This is a restaurant you must add to your list of places to eat at in Vegas.

After we shoved our faces with our delicious meal, it was time to head upstairs to see world renowned impersonator Gordie Brown. I didn’t want to to go the show but everyone was so it was either go or sit in the casino alone for two hours. It’s just not something that I personally like but I will say this, Gordie Brown is exceptional at what he does. He puts on a great show and had the crowd in stitches. My aunt laughed so hard that the people in front of us actually turned around to look at her. I recommend you Google him and some of his performances – the tickets are very reasonably priced and makes for a good night out in Las Vegas. Plus then you have an even better excuse to go eat at Grotto.

After the show we walked up and down the street, checking out the little shops and buying some 2 for 5 tall boys. We watched the light show, it was Queen, always a crowd pleaser. We even went in to Binions and met Priscilla. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about – there was a show on here in Canada about the staff that work at this Binions Hotel and Casino. Prisciilla is a waitress that has been there for more than 20 years. The only thing bigger than her hair is her personalilty. Half of the group wanted to stay there and gamble, the other half including me wanted to go back and change.

After a quick break in our rooms, I took the newbies out on the strip. They hadn’t been into Planet Hollywood yet and it is one of my favourite hotels. I love the decore and casino, we always have fun there. The only disappointing part was it was so late so all the shops along the Miracle Mile were closed. Surprisingly we found ourselves getting hungry. It was kind of disgusting given how much we had eaten earlier. We wanted to go to Pinks Hot Dogs but literally as we got there, they closed. Why?! Don’t you think that’s the type of place that would stay open like 24 hours – what’s better when you’re drunk then a big, greasy hot dog? We went to the PBR Rock Bar right beside it. It was my kind of place, country music and a mechanical bull. No dance floor though. I ordered a margarita and some potato skins, while newbie 1 got nachos that we’d share. I’d never had a margarita that wasn’t slushy … it was just lime and tequila. It was not good. I forced myself to drink most of it but my lips kept puckering every time I took a sip. The potato skins weren’t too bad… lots of cheese and bacon bits but no onions or anything like that. And the nachos… barf. You’d think I would have learned my lesson not to order nachos while on holiday. Instead of tortilla chips, they were made with potato chips. WTF? And it wasn’t real melted cheese, it was like gooey, dipping cheese that you’d get at like a stadium with nachos. The fresh jalapeños on top were fabulous though. I made myself eat as many of them as I could stomach.

We decided to head back to the hotel after that, I could have stayed up and partied – making up for the night before that I missed out on. They however were ready for bed and I’m not going to lie, I was looking forward to that big fluffy mattress. Little did I know, I’d soon be confined to that mattress unable to go anywhere.