It was an early start to the day, I went down to The Roasted Bean in Aria for a muffin and tea for breakfast. We all had to meet in the lobby to head to the outlet mall. I of course was the first one there and waiting for everyone else. I was looking forward to shopping, I love shopping and I love the outlet mall! Before I could get everyone organized and pick a meeting time and place – the gang dispersed.
Several hours and several hundred dollars later, we all found ourselves at the food court. I was done and ready to go back to the hotel but others were not. Me and my partner in crime for the trip we loaded up with everyone else’s shopping bags and went back.

It was finally time to hit the pool! The pools at Aria a great, instead of one big one, there are a couple smaller ones and there was never a problem getting a chair. We sat there for hours in the sun, me with one gigantic cup of sangria. This is all I wanted, in a lounger, hot sun, with a drink in my hand. Our poolside fun came to an abrupt end when got a message from home about some serious stuff happening at work. I suppose it was for the best anyways because it was time to go get ready for our night out.

We hopped a cab and just as we turned the corner onto the strip, it started pouring. People were running for cover as gigantic rain drops beat down on them. We laughed.
Dinner was at BLT Burger in The Mirage, that’s where I had stayed last year but I never ate at this place. In fact I don’t remember it at all but it was so good!! I was the only one who ate absolutely everything on my plate. I felt like such a cow as we walked down to the theatre to see ‘Love’ the Beatles Cirque du Soleil show. I have never been to one but I love the Beatles so I was looking forward to it. Our seats were really good, I thought it would be a little more … Spectacular… But I enjoyed it. I met up with a friend from home who was also at the show and we all walked over to Casino Royale. If you like cheap beer and don’t mind a smaller, crowded casino, this is a good place. We downed our dollar beers and played the slots. I felt so totally disgusting though that I left and went back to the hotel. I hung out alone for the rest of the evening and was super bored. I sat in the casino for awhile, I wanted a ginger ale and it was cheaper to get one down there. However I waited nearly and hour for the waitress to come back with it. I told the rest of them to let me know where they were and I’d come meet them later. That never happened and they ended up having a really super fun night, I’m so pissed that I missed it. Thanks guys.