If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know that I travel alone. I love traveling alone. So you can understand my trepidation when the annual getaway to Las Vegas suddenly became a 8 person contingent. Everyone said no, no it will be fine. Well… I’m sure glad they all had fun.

We got in to the land of Sun, fun, sex and sin mid-morning. The super stretch limo pulled up in front of Aria as we pointed things out to the two first timers who were with us. The line up to check in was forever and as we quickly learned at this hotel, nothing moves quickly. Only one of our rooms was ready so we hauled all our luggage there and then went on our way for lunch. Again – it took forever to get our food but it was really good. Really expensive as well. If you stay at Aria, go to the CVS next door and buy a box of cereal and some milk I steady of paying $9 for one bowl in the hotel. I found that a bit ridiculous even for LV.

To be quite honest, I was already in a grumpy mood but was really hoping to make the best of it. I mean it’s hot out, I have a great tan and I’m on holiday! We walked around the hotel, checked out the pool and the different stores. We eventually ended up in the casino and stayed there until the rest of our rooms were ready. It was now time to hit the strip and of course being with first timers, we had to stop everywhere and look at things, go into all the hotels and take a look around. I found my self walking ahead of everyone, waiting for them to catch up. We eventually found ourselves in Caesars Palace – I was hungry, my poor foot had a huge blister from the stupid sandals i had one and I was tired of waiting for everyone. I asked three times if we could stop and eat some place and you know what? I was ignored. When I travel alone I don’t ask if I can stop to eat… I stop! This was ridiculous already and we went even 12 hours into the trip.

Thankfully they sorta gave in and we walked back to our hotel, briefly stopping to watch the Fountains at Bellagio, which did make me happy…they ‘danced’ to Singing In The Rain.

At the hotel I took my time changing my shoes, I really just needed a few minutes to be totally alone. When I finally came down, my father looked at my and said ‘and those are better?’ with his always welcome condescending attitude. Awesome. Now it was over to the Monte Carlo. Why? Oh because other people decided they were hungry now and it was thought the food court with 4 options was where we would go. I paid $10 for a greasy piece of pizza that I really didn’t want and then we left.

I was so happy to crawl into the big, fluffy, cozy bed. Seriously, hands down the bed I’ve ever slept in. Maybe a good night’s sleep would help change things around a bit.