Hi again, I just wanted to thank everyone who took their time to read about my adventures in London.

Sticking with my main theme I ended up watching Bridget Jones’s Diary on the air plane! haha

My security problems didn’t end in England either. When I got home I was taken aside and had Canada Border Service Agents empty out my entire suitcase and ask me a bunch of questions. I asked them if it had anything to do with what happened back at Heathrow and they said no. They looked through stuff and didn’t find whatever they thought they might find. I think I made the man at the customs desk mad because I was kinda grumpy (I wasn’t rude, just super tired) so I think he had something to do with that. Anyway, I packed everything back up and headed home.

It was a rough few days after getting home. The sadness didn’t go away at all – I didn’t want to talk to anyone or be around anyone. I actually cried a few times, I know that sounds silly and I felt silly doing it but I couldn’t help myself.  I blame the jet lag and having to go back to work. I watched Andy Murray win Wimbledon from my couch and was so upset that I wasn’t there to party with the rest of London.  I’ve also never heard from ‘the boy’. I friend requested him on Facebook, he’s ignored it and since then modified his name and changed his profile picture. Also didn’t respond to my email saying ‘umm hey, I just wanted to keep in touch and have another friend to hang out with next time I’m in London’. It’s not like I thought we were going to fall in love and get married. Wierdo.  Oh well. If any one wants to volunteer to go kick him in the shins for me, let me know 😉

I am now feeling back to my normal self – I guess it’s just being back in the routine. Would still much rather be in London though! I have another adventure in a few weeks 🙂