Just as suspected, bit of a slow start to the day. Kate and I got up around 10 or so, lucky no hangover… just super tired! We eventually got ourselves going and headed up to Bayswater. We didn’t really have a set plan but we were eventually going to make our way to Hyde Park to enjoy the beautiful weather. We got a little sidetracked trying to find a Boots and ended up much further than expected. We stopped in the Prince Alfred Pub on Queensway for something to eat. It was nice and completely empty. Food was really good too, we both had a great salad and cheese bread haha!

We finally made our way to Hyde Park. It was stunning out, so warm and sunny. The park was filled with people. It’s now one of my new favourite parts about the city. We walked and walked. I explained some history of Kensington Palace and how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are doing renos to move in to one of the apartments (did I mention I’m a monarchist? Lol) We briefly stopped to take a look over Royal Albert Hall and then continued on through the park and walked all along The Serpentine.

Kate had never been to Harrods so we went over there, spent most of our time in the food halls, admiring all the tasty looking treats. Again, one of those places that you could spend a fortune in on food! I did buy myself some chocolate…some very expensive chocolate…but that was it. Being a Saturday, it was very busy in there so we left and headed back to the hotel to relax for a bit. We were both so tired! We decided to go for dinner at this neat place called The Porterhouse. I’d been there on my last trip and was looking forward to going back. Our food was ok, I think we were both so hungry by this point we didn’t care what we were eating. After dinner, to try and keep ourselves awake, we walked down to the Lyceum Tavern, just down from my hotel on the Strand. It’s a very classic style pub. We were sitting in a little booth, it was so tiny and out of the way. Felt very mysterious! After our Pimm’s, we went back to the hotel… we were going to go somewhere else for another drink and then Kate was going to catch one of the last trains home. We ended up watching tv for a bit and I fell asleep – I felt so bad! Kate decided to catch an earlier train home so I could get some rest. I felt really lame – I ended up going to sleep at like eight! Talk about an exciting Saturday night! I put some lotion on the bit if a sunburn I suffered from our day out in the park and went to sleep. But the early night just meant an early start to day four!